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What Our Members Are Saying

From recent grads to long-time savers and everyone in between, we're proud to deliver financial freedom to more users every day.

What Our Members Are Saying
Devin Spotlight
Changed was great because it was mindless saving based on my own spending. Sometimes when I set a goal to save X amount of money, it can feel like I'm "losing" a lot of money at once if I move it to a separate account. But with Changed I never missed the money that it saved for me. Towards the end of my loan, I was really trying to boost monthly payments, and having the option to set a fixed amount for Changed to save every week, in addition to what was being rounded up, was very helpful.
Senior Research Assistant
Drew Spotlight
I loved how effortless it was. Changed was doing work behind the scenes to make my loan payoff easier and I didn't even notice it happening. But I sure noticed it when an extra $100 went towards my debt for the month!
SEO and Digital Content Consultant
Aakash Spotlight
I loved how while I was aggressively paying off student loans, I was still indirectly making micropayments when I went to buy groceries or filled up my car with a tank of gas. Most people don't think about how those micropayments can help eliminate the wrath of student loan interest, so I'm extremely grateful for Changed for helping me get rid of interest quicker!
Student Loan Borrower

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