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About Us

We change the way borrowers think about debt. Every purchase made means money saved. Less debt, less stress, more financial freedom.  

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Making your debt repayment pain free

Making Your Debt Repayment Pain-Free. 

We know firsthand what it feels like to be overwhelmed and overburdened with debt. All too often, borrowers feel helpless and fail to strategize their repayment plan. We empower borrowers just like you to take control of your debt repayment once and for all.

We Deal with Debt Differently.

$ 50 M
saved, including interest!
$ 25 M
payments sent
40 %
faster payoff
$ 75
average monthly savings
Our Story Changed Debt Repayment App

Our Story

When brothers and co-founders Dan and Nick enrolled in college, they both took hefty student loans. They had to. They were first-generation Americans, raised by a single mother. Not until graduation, when it came time to start repayment, did Dan and Nick realize how big of a hassle the repayment process would be.

Today, nearly 45 million people have taken on student debt for their undergraduate education. Another 200 million people carry other forms of debt. Dan and Nick knew there had to be a better way of helping people pay off debt, save, and reach their financial goals sooner. So in 2017, they built Changed to help solve the problem. 

To date, Changed has helped send over $25 million in payments, helping Changed members save over $50M in interest and shorten their repayment by decades (actually centuries). And this is just the beginning!

Changed Shark Tank Best App for Debt Repayment

Featured on Shark Tank

In 2017, Shark Tank producers reached out to Nick and Dan and asked if they’d be willing to apply, and that's exactly what they did. 

In September of 2017, with a mix of excitement and nerves, the team traveled to LA to pitch on Shark Tank. They knew they had struck gold when they heard those five sweet words from Mark Cuban himself:

"You've got yourself a deal."

As soon as the episode aired, interest in Changed exploded. In September 2018, Changed started offering debt repayment services to users through banks, and by the end of the year, the company hit the $2 million mark of student loans sent through their service!

Our Founders

Meet the minds behind the mission.

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Dan Stelmach


Dan Stelmach
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Nick Sky


Nick Sky

Changed in the News

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Featured in Business Insider

Startup founders who landed a deal with Mark Cuban on 'Shark Tank' used a 100-year-old piece of business advice to build their company from the ground up

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Published in Money Magazine

Stelmach teamed up with his brother, Nick Sky, to create Changed, an app that rounds up your everyday purchases and uses that money to pay down student loans. Since launching in early 2017, the brothers say Changed has made a combined $2 million in student loan payments for its customers.

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Student Loan Repayment: A Family Affair

Changed has launched the Family and Loved Ones Feature so you can get as many helping hands as you can get, everyone can get involved!

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Refinancing Student Loans 101

Refinancing your student loans could be a brilliant decision that saves you tens of thousands of dollars while accelerating your financial freedom by a decade…or it could be a costly mistake that you’ll regret. How to figure out the right path for you? Read on.

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Chicago’s ChangEd to Appear on Shark Tank

Changed, an app that rounds up the spare change from your everyday purchases to help you pay off your student loans sooner and for less in interest costs, will appear on ABC's popular Emmy-Award-winning reality show Shark Tank on Jan. 28 at 8 p.m. CT.

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7 tips to prepare yourself before student loan repayment

Does it feel like graduation was yesterday? Maybe not, but if you have student loans you've probably enjoyed or are enjoying the time you have before repayment begins. It's a great time to look for a good-paying job, take one last trip, and hang with some college friends before some serious adulting.

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