• A Step-by-Step Guide

    Set it up once and we take care of the rest!

    Let's get started!

    Choose an email and password

    This will be your login for the ChangEd app. Keep this info somewhere safe. Resetting passwords are annoying, right?

    My name is ChangEd. What's yours?

    Your legal name is required to set up your personal FDIC-insured ChangEd account.

    We never use this info for anything else. It's required by law for us to collect this to set up your FDIC-insured ChangEd account.

    How young are you?

    Enter your Date of Birth.

    You must be at least 18 years old to use ChangEd.

    What are your digits

    We need this to set up your FDIC insured account.

    We promise to not send you any late night texts asking you about what's keeping you up. That'd be weird.

    Add your Address

    We need this info to set up your FDIC insured account.

    Be sure to input your physical address here. Your FDIC insured account is like your own personal savings account.

    Your Student Loans

    Add your loan servicer and who borrowed the money to go get that degree!

    This is where those nickels and dimes will be sent. Make sure you enter the correct info. For "Name on Loan" be sure to put YOUR name, the name that is on your statement.

    Wanna see how much you save?

    Add these details to get calculations of each payment.

    This is probably the toughest part but once you find and enter this info, you'll get projections of how much time and money you'll save with each transfer! Here's a link to help find it.

    Link your spending cards

    Securely link your bank to round up transactions.

    You can link up to 2 institutions to ChangEd. Link 'em up and we'll round 'em up!

    Welcome to your Dashboard!

    Track progress, see transactions, watch your roundups, and all that time and money you've helped save.

    You'll start seeing transactions here once they settle with your financial institution. We begin to round up every transaction from the day you sign up. Check back in a couple of days to see roundups!

    You're all Set!

    This is going to make a huge difference

    Now that you've signed up, we've got it from here. You should start seeing transactions and we'll make a transfer as soon as your change roundups reach $5. The minimum for transfers is $5 and it will never be more than $10. It's all based on the roundups from your everyday transactions. Learn more in our FAQs

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