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Fintech CUSO, Changed Expands to Auto, Personal, and Mortgage Debt Repayment

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Chicago, IL - Changed, the innovative fintech CUSO, is excited to announce new updates to the popular Changed app. The app, which allows users to manage and repay their debts in a simple and intuitive way, is now expanding to include auto, personal, and mortgage debt repayment.


"We're thrilled to be expanding the Changed app to include these new debt types," said Nick Sky, CEO of Changed. "Our mission is to make it easier for people to manage their finances and become debt-free, and this update is a big step in that direction."


Changed members can now payoff their student loans, mortgage, auto loans, personal loans and monitor their credit score. 


In addition to the new debt types, the Changed app now includes a range of new features designed to make managing debts even easier. These include:


  • A redesigned user interface that makes it easier to navigate and use the app
  • New payment reminders that help users stay on track with their payments
  • A debt analysis tool that provides users with valuable insights into their debts and payment history
  • Improved security and data protection features to ensure users' information is safe and secure


"We're constantly working to improve the Changed app and make it the best debt management tool on the market," said Nick Sky. "We're grateful to our users and credit union partners for their support, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and improve the app in the future."


Changed has been recognized as a leading fintech company in the student loan industry, helping members pay off their student loans up to 40% faster than they would on their own and save thousands in interest costs. With this expansion, Changed aims to make financial freedom accessible to everyone.


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The new updates are now available on the App Store and Google Play.