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Auto-Pilot your Debt PayOff with Changed from Astera CU

Astera CU has partnered with Changed to provide you with the award-winning app at No Cost. Round Up Your Spare Change & Pay Off Your Debt Sooner

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Paying down debt has never been easier

Astera CU wants you to live a life free of debt and stress. Changed is an app that can help you do just that! After seeing the founders on Shark Tank, we knew this was a tool that our members needed! So we formed a partnership and are providing Changed to our members for FREE!

How it Works

1. Link your Astera CU Accounts
2. Set up your Changed Profile
3. Changed automates savings and payments toward your debts!

No matter what stage of life you're in, whatever your next big financial goal, debt repayment can feel overwhelming. But with the right tools at your fingertips, you can take control of your debt once and for all.


Round Up Savings

When Devin grabs a caramel macchiato in the morning ($4.73), or meets up with friends on the weekend for sushi ($22.64), she swipes her card and forgets the rest. So what if, in the background, that extra bit of change on every purchase was being put to good use?

That's exactly how Changed operates. Changed tracks your spending and rounds up to the nearest dollar, so you can save big over time without ever feeling the burn. 

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Set Savings Goals

Stuck between building your savings and paying down debt? With Changed, you don't have to choose. We help you establish an emergency fund, set aside money for a downpayment, or work towards any number of your money-saving objectives. It's streamlined savings, all from the palm of your hand.

Take Jake, for example. Jake didn't let paying down debt stand in the way of pursuing his dreams. In fact, thanks to Changed, he knocked out his debt repayment in just 5 years. Today, he's one step closer to purchasing the home of his dreams. 

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Automate Payments

For Aakash, automated means out of his way. Every time Aakash saves, those micro-savings go directly toward paying down his debt. That means Aakash is one step closer to living debt-free and jet-setting off into the sunset on his next travel adventure.

Free for Aster CU members

Track Your Progress

Keep the money-saving momentum going with in-app tools to track the progress of your savings. What better motivation than keeping tabs on your small victories along the way? That’s what Drew did–and look where he is now.

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Time Saved:

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This calculator estimates your savings based on use of Changed for the life of your loan. The calculator is an approximation and may not be accurate to your exact loan.

Changed is FREE for Astera CU members.

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Your Debt doesn't stand a chance.

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