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    Dan The Dime Man

    "RIP Student Loans!"

    Dan Stelmach is the man with the plan. He is tired of just blindly paying his student loans and is actually doing something about it. He's super smart and has a true vision for where ChangEd is going. He coined the phrase "nickel and dime your student loans"

    Nick Sky the Idea Guy

    "I swear I'm going to get out of this debt in 5 years"

    Nick Sky is the one who gets it done. He is the guy that day to day builds relationships with loan servicers, partners, and customers. You can find him on his laptop 23 hours a day and stroking his beard the other hour.

    Mike Land with the Slight of Hand

    "The secret code is...well...building code"

    Mike Land is the brains behind ChangEd tech. He make's sure every Nickel is making a difference and that Student loans are being knocked out. The original Magic Mike, Mike Land build magical products with his Slight of Hand.

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    Forbes sees the light!

    At the end of the student loan tunnel. ChangEd is making it brighter one nickel and dime at a time.

    A Rave Review

    This is working in the real world. And not the Real World from MTV, our real world.

    Local Chicago Love

    Our hometown loves ChangEd. And we love all 44 Million student loan borrowers across the US!

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