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    My name is Nick Sky and along with my brother Dan, we are building a secure and efficient way to help student loan borrowers manage their loans more effectively. Being student loan borrowers ourselves, we know borrowing for school was a tough choice. We even worked through college to try to avoid taking on debt (cleaning offices, working sales jobs) but that wasn’t enough to pay for all of our college expenses.


    In an attempt to easily budget for effective loan repayment we started toying with the idea for spare change roundups. This is when ChangEd was born. Out of necessity and due to the fact that both me and my brother were dealing with massive student loans that were just getting bigger! We were stressing, angry and felt like we could do this better. Dan was looking over his student loans one day and looked at the amount of interest he was paying and said “man, something needs to CHANGE”.


    BOOM! Change. Spare change.


    Over the last 6 months we’ve been working hard to turn this idea into reality. We’ve drafted business plans, asked friends to share with us their spending habits, hired a freelance developer, joined 1871 (Chicago’s flagship tech hub) and are building relationships with loan services to help borrowers securely pay down their massive debt.

    What we’re doing

    We’re working to solve the biggest crisis of our generation. Student loan debt is changing the way people live their lives, in a negative way. With ChangEd a borrower can make additional, interest saving payments using spare change that is rounded up from everyday transactions.


    ChangEd essentially save borrowers’ thousands of dollars and years off of their loan repayment, effortlessly.


    ChangEd securely links to a spending account, rounds up to your purchases and sends that change to your loan servicer. No budgeting, no scheduling. It’s all automatic and aligns with your natural spending. College grads in their 20s and 30s shouldn’t be sacrificing a cup of coffee to make loan payments. We say, buy that latte and let us round up your change and apply it to your loans! It’s a win-win.

    Why it’s important

    Making additional payments onto a loan’s balance is the SMARTEST way to pay down student loans. ChangEd has made it extremely easy to make this smart decision without budgeting and scheduling payments.


    The last thing anyone wants to do is make a call to someone they owe tens of thousands of dollars to. We even remove the need to communicate with student loan providers. It’s a set-it and forget-it decision that changes the way college grads live their lives.


    Student loan debt has reached a critical mass in this nation and is affecting how people work, buy, and start families. The mission of ChangEd is chip away at this massive debt and remove the fear many recent grads have starting businesses, starting families and participating in the economy in a positive way.


    The change that used to sit at the bottom of your purse or wallet is a powerful tool in the combat against student debt.

  • About the Founders


    "Student loans are the Devil!"

    Dan is the man with the plan. He is tired of just blindly paying his student loans and is actually doing something about it. He's super smart and has a true vision for where ChangEd is going. He coined the phrase "nickel and dime your student loans"


    "I swear I'm going to get out of this debt in 5 years"

    Nick is the one who gets it done. He is the guy that day to day builds relationships with loan servicers, partners, and customers. You can find him on his laptop 23 hours a day and stroking his beard the other hour.

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