• Famous People With Student Debt

    You Are Not Alone!

  • Miles Teller


    Miles has starred in a few movies, including Whiplash and Fantastic Four. But before all of that, he had to study acting and borrow $100,000 in student loans!

    Kate Walsh

    Actress and Model

    If you watch Grey's Anatomy, here's something you might not know about one of your favorite characters: she came graduated college with "thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt." At age 37, she was able to pay off her students loans after getting on Grey's Anatomy.

    Cheryl Strayed


    Best known for her book, "Wild," Cheryl Strayed also struggling with student debt. She borrowed tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and was not able to pay it off until "Wild" took off.

    Cecil Shorts

    Professional Football Player

    Not every athlete receives an athletic scholarship from their college/university. Cecil Shorts borrowed over $70,000 in student loans. He worked part-time jobs while in school and mentioned how he would work while other players went out.

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