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What is ChangEd and What is it All About?

Student loan debt is a major issue for many Americans who pursue a higher education. In fact, the total U.S student loan debt exceeds 1.3 trillion dollars and grows at a rate of $2,700 per second. The last thing a college graduate should worry about is how to incorporate their student loan repayment into their lives.

Enter, ChangEd. We're an automated way to reduce the time spent paying down your student loans. With ChangEd, students loan holders will see a 20% reduction of their loan terms and interest paid. ChangEd simply collects a portion of your everyday spending by rounding transactions to the next dollar. This accumulated change now serves as a valuable contribution toward the repayment of student loans. Imagine making a 10 year repayment term an 8 year term, all made possible with change from your morning cup of coffee.

Here's an example how ChangEd works on a regular day--

You spend a lot of time at bars...and that's ok! You've rounded up over $4 in change and are putting a dent into your loans. ChangEd then accumulates all of your daily change and makes a principal payment onto your student loans driving down your interest costs and shortening the length of your loan. You didn't even need to plan an additional principal payment!

Regular principal payments onto student loans is the BEST way to pay less. The average loan holder pays over $7,700 in interest. ChangEd can save you an average of $1,500 in interest alone. You'll be out of debt at least 2 years sooner and have those 2 years of your life back!

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