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The ChangEd Team Grows!

A new CTO for a growing team

Meet Mike Land...

ChangEd Appoints CTO

Fast Growing Fintech Company Solidifies Team

06/10/2017, Chicago, IL - ChangEd - ( announced that Mike Land has joined the company as CTO to further develop the ChangEd platform. Mike Land comes with a wealth of experience building technology product serving consumers. Mike has spent the last several years working with Chicago-based startups and worked on products as a freelance developer. Working on developing the ChangEd platform before joining the team, Mike will continue his success as a founding member.

Nick Sky, CEO of ChangEd said “Mike has been an extremely valuable asset to the ChangEd team while working on building the ChangEd product from the ground up. I’m super excited to continue growing our company with Mike at the controls of our technology and platform.”

About ChangEd

ChangEd is a mobile app and platform that helps student loan borrowers make payments onto their student loans by saving their spare change from everyday transactions. ChangEd payments are sent as additional payments onto borrowers' loan account, saving them $1000s in interest costs and shortening their loan repayment.


Nick Sky, CEO

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